2019 wholesale price Logo Custom Sports Bottle - 1.75L Large Clear Frosted Logo Print Glass Vodka Bottle – Ant Glass

Made with high quality flint glass, the large capacity and customized logo of the Glass Liquor Bottle will make your product stand out on the shelf. The stylish spirit bottle features a heavy thick bottom and sturdy finish. Metal lids are intended to fit tightly to eliminate leaking and maintain freshness of product. 


This large capacity bottle for alcohol is made from high quality glass, carefully shaped to provide both durability and style.
Variety of use ranges from serving water, whisky, fruit wine, vodka, kombucha to storing vinegar, oil and more.
Our premium cork stoppers keep your liquors fresh for longer, so you never have to worry about spoilage.
We can provide processing services as firing, embossing, silkscreen, printing, spray painting, frosting, gold stamping, silver plating and so on.

Customized logo printed

Prevent slippery bottom

Frosted & clear color

Metal  lid

Custom Service

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