Wooden Cork 750ml Round Tequila Glass Bottles Bulk

Need something to keep your spirits while looking unique? This 75cl super flint glass bottle might just be the one for you! It is a bottle with a round body that can hold a lot. This glass bottle is suitable to be filled up with liquors, such as whiskey, vodka, brandy, tequlia, rum, gin and more. It is featured with a cork stopper. To complete the look, corks are provided with different colour selections! It is also suitable to be used for decorative or displaying purposes.


- This round clear 750ml bottle for liquors is made from high quality super flint glass, carefully shaped to provide both durability and style.
- Variety of use ranges from serving brandy, whiskey, fruit wine, vodka, gin to storing kombucha, water and more.
- Our premium cork stoppers keep your alcholic beverages fresh for longer, so you never have to worry about spoilage.
- We can provide processing services as firing, embossing, silkscreen, printing, spray painting, frosting, gold stamping, silver plating and so on.

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