Custom Label 12 oz Glass Candle Jar with Metal Lid

The glass candle jars include solid bases, straight sides, and wide openings. When tea light or candle is lit inside this clear glass candle jar, the vessel is slightly transparent so you can enjoy the ambience of the flame. These modern candle glass jars can be used for candles, giftware or any home decor styling use: flower arrangements, luxury statement, bathroom and office storage jars.  Be inspired to think creatively!
Size Chart
Size Height Body Diameter Mouth Diameter Weight Capacity
12oz 78mm 87mm 80mm 200g 350ml

Custom Service

Products Craft:  Please tell us what kind of processing decorations you need: Candle Jars: We can offer electro Electroplate, silk-screen printing, hot stamping, frosting, decal, label, Color Coated, etc. Lids: Different colors available. Color Box: You design it, we do all the rest for you.

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