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The most important thing you need when canning any food or making jellies and jams is good jars. They don’t have to be good, because good glass canning jars can be reused no matter how old, as long as they are not cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged.

The best jars for canning are Mason jars. Mason glass jars are one of the most recognized jars in the home and have been helping with pickling, canning, and fermenting since the 1900s, they are trustworthy and indeed the best choice for pickling.

The size of the jar is important. Jars larger than 12 ounces are best for fruits and vegetables. Smaller sizes are usually reserved for jellies and jams

Size & Best use

Half-Gallon & Quart: Use for canning fruit, vegetables, or meat, but not for jams or jellies, as they will not gel properly in jars of this size.
Pint, This size jar is good for anything, fruit, vegetables, meat, jams, or jellies.
12-ounce: Can be used for any purpose, but mainly for making jams and jellies.
8-ounce: It is mainly used to make jams, jellies, and pickles. 8-ounce jars come in many different shapes.
4-ounce: Used almost exclusively for jellies and jams. 4-ounce bottles come in many different shapes.

To help you choose the best mason glass canning jar, we’ve rounded up the top 5. Now let’s take a closer look at these canning jars.

150ml Small Glass Mason Jar

These small glass mason jars are perfect for canning jams, jellies, caviar, pudding, etc. They are Eco-friendly and reusable and can be used over and over again.

The included plastic lid contains liners to provide air tightness and ensure that no excess air or moisture is present and that the jar does not leak or spill. This is very important in the curing process, and these jars definitely show it.

32oz Glass Mason Jar

If you are looking for a large glass jar for curing, look no further than this 32oz mason glass jar! It’s a big glass jar.

This jar is perfect for making huge portions of your favorite pickles, either for home use or for reselling. The wide opening makes it easy to hold large quantities of large fruits and vegetables and makes cleaning large jars surprisingly easy.

The above 5 glass canning jars are all great options to help you make some perfect pickles at home. They are durable, food safe, reusable, and provide an air-tight seal, all important factors in preserving food at home.

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