High Quality Customized Glass Flat Flask Spirits Liquor Bottle

Glass Flasks are known by a variety of names such as: Glass Canteen Bottles, Glass Hip Flasks, Glass Flaskets, and Crockett Bottles. But regardless of the name you use, the shape of these bottles is iconic and known for housing liquor and spirits. Modern uses for these bottles have branched out and now include trendy packaging for barbeque sauce, marinades, maple syrups and more! The compact, practical shape make applications for these bottles nearly endless. This flask glass liquor bottle is featured with a aluminum screw mouth. It's smooth surface allow for multiple laneling/printing otions. Can be used for packaging liquor, beverage, coffee, milk and other drinks.

Aluminum cover screw mouth

Smooth surface: allow for multiple laneling/printing otions

Thick bottom

You can customize labels, capacity, etc

Can be used for packaging liquor, beverage, coffee, milk and other drinks


High Quality - This liquor bottle is made of high quality flint glass.
Airtight Sealing - Each bottle has a bar top cork ensure your precious contents don't spill out.
Great Gifts Ideas - Great gift for homebrewing, whiskey, and bourbon enthusiasts!
Multipurpose - Use for bottling Homemade Infused Liquor, Vodka, Sauces, Syrups and more.
Certification - FDA/ LFGB/SGS/MSDS/ISO

Custom Service

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